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This Has Nothing To Do With The Duggars, Kardashians, or Jenners But…

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I have to be honest it pains me to write this.  I was supposed to be working on the recording for my podcast for comic fans, techies, and geeks: The BiFrost Bridge Podcast, but instead I’m writing this (and I would so much rather be doing that).  I was also supposed to be putting together the agenda for the CrossRoads Community Church Board Meeting but instead I’m writing this (good thing the board doesn’t read my blog, lol). It’s just that I have seen such hatred and so many harsh words exchanged between people who were previously “friends”, or whatever that means from a social media aspect, and all over people that neither person has even met and over stories neither person has heard first hand from the people involved.


It doesn’t matter to me which side of team Jenner or Duggar you fall on.  What does matter is that every person in America has a right to express their opinion.  According to the U.S. Constitution, which I dedicated 12 years of my life to defending as a member of the U.S. Army, free speech is still a constitutional right.  That includes ones right to disagree publically, verbally or in writing, and on every social media venue they care to use with another person’s point of view.  It does not give anyone the right to bad mouth, trash, or belittle someone else because of a differing viewpoint.

How can anyone justify trashing someone else for sharing a differing view, when by trashing them for sharing their view you are doing the exact same thing you are trashing them for?  That makes absolutely no sense.  How can someone come down on another person for speaking what they believe when by doing so you are literally speaking for and about what you believe? Does that mean everyone has the right to come down on and belittle you? #HypocriteMuch

I’ve seen many posts saying “here is what I believe and you can delete me if you disagree.” I have yet to delete anyone although I disagree with a majority of people, Christians, non-Christians, atheists, Buddhists, Muslims, and a host of other people with religious preferences (yes, I have quite of mix of social media contacts and yes, I have at some point disagreed with something they posted or a stance they took).  I respect their beliefs, their right to express their beliefs, and hope they respect mine.  I’ve had aggressive conversations and exchanges with many of them but have not disrespected them because we disagree.

I seriously hope we can get back to what is considered one of the foundational principles our nation was founded upon: not just hearing one another but respecting one another.  If we can’t then, yes, feel free to delete me, lol.



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Today as we support, encourage, and remember our veterans and their families past and present, I pray we also remember the morals and characteristics that this country was founded upon and that many gave their lives and are giving their lives to defend.  If we forget that then we forget them. #thankaveteran #stillservinggodandnnation #pastor

There’s No Place Like Home

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There are many times in my reading of the Bible that I come to those dreaded passages with long lists of names.  Those lists are scattered throughout Genesis and especially the book of 1st Chronicles as well as in other places.  It took a while before I realized that those lists are there because the writers wanted the readers to know how important those people were.  In the 2nd book written by Samuel there is a list of what the author calls the mighty men.  These are the men that the author wanted the reader to take special note of, including why they are listed.  Their exploits are listed right along with their names.  I wonder if these men deserved recognition because they were the ones responsible for defending the homeland of the people of Israel.

This upcoming 9/11 weekend will bring about very difficult and painful memories across our nation.  In churches and houses of worship, in community centers, government and civic ceremonies around our country we will be mourning again, the loss of thousands of lives.  But let’s not just focus on the tragic events of that day.  Let us also pay honor to the brave men and women who didn’t just lose their lives, but willingly sacrificed them to help save others.  Let’s also pay respect to all those who continue to protect and guard our way of life so that we can stay safe at home.  Let’s write their names and their exploits on our hearts for eternity.

No political speeches or rallies this weekend to point out what went wrong or what could have been done; let’s just come together as a nation and be there to honor the memories and to support the families of those who were there for us.

Veterans…It’s About More Than Just One Day

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This Veteran’s day will be remembered by with likely more fanfare than usual.  The mass killings at Fort Hood Texas, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and a country still trying to heal after the events of 9/11 have all made us more aware of the toll these events take on our men and women in the military.

Veteran's DayVeterans Day was started as an act of congress on June 4th 1926.  A law was passed making it a legal holiday on May 13th, 1938. Originally referred to as the Day of Armistice or Armistice Day it was meant to commemorate the signing of the Armistice of World War I, which took place on November 11th, 1918.  In 1953 a push was made to use the holiday to honor all veterans, not just those of World War I and in 1954 the name was officially changed to Veterans Day to do just that.

But knowing the sacrifice and the cost to our veterans and current active duty military why end with just a day.  It’s great to have a day to celebrate our veteran’s but every single day we should recognize the cost.  I heard one speaker say that every single time he sees a man or woman in uniform about to buy anything at a grocery store, bar, fast food place, airport, or news stand he gladly takes out his wallet and offers to pay.  Although I spent almost 12 years in the Army, the thought never occurred to me to do that even though many people have done it for me.  Now, I make it a point to look for ways, no matter how small to thank our men and women in the military.

Perhaps you are not financially able pay for the meal of an enlisted person.  Can you perhaps help their family?  Many of the men and women sent overseas or around the country leave behind a family for months or years.  Those family members could use help with babysitting, get plugged into new communities, or often times just someone to talk to now and then.  Don’t wait for one day of the year to show our respect to those who give their all every day of the year to our freedom.

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