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This past weekend I was blessed to be able to spend the weekend with some friends visiting from Chile.  They are missionaries who share the Gospel with people in Chile.  I’ve known Christian and Magaly since my first mission trip which was to their facility in Santiago Chile in 2002.  They, and other families and individuals, share the Gospel with children, youth, and young adults via week long summer camps at their facility.  They also put on large stage productions at their facility and in schools (yes, I said in schools, and I was with them as they did this in one school on my 2nd mission trip to Chile), communities, and apartment complexes in and around Santiago.  At the end of each production all of the cast and crew pick up a Bible and go out into the audience and shares the Gospel. 

Last weekend as they were visiting Christian shared with the CrossRoads congregation that we were created, called, and equipped to live with passion; and a huge part of that passionate life is sharing the Gospel.  For me, my passion, what gets me up and excited each day is sharing God’s word with people. Sometimes I forget what drives me.  Sometimes business, or lack there of can quench my passion and it takes someone else to inspire that passion.

So what is your passion?  What drives and pushes you each and every day?

What drives you each day?


Peace on Earth…Begins With You

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Martin Luther said “Prayer is not overcoming God’s reluctance, but laying hold of His willingness.”  As we draw closer to Christmas we see the need for communities, legal systems, corporate and government officials, individuals, and families to grab hold of God’s willingness to offer peace on earth and good will towards our fellow man. 


As we go about our business of each day this Christmas season take an extra moment to pray for peace, safety, and rest for our soldiers, their families, and that we all would show good will toward our fellow man. Peace on earth was made possible by the birth of Jesus Christ but the spreading of it begins with you and how you treat others.  #merrychristmas #tistheseason

Equipment Failure

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It may seem like we are in the midst of some huge struggles and battles.  Sometimes it may even seem like we are in it alone; there is no one supporting us or who has our back.  Sometimes it may seem like even God doesn’t know what we are going through…honestly, been there, felt like that, got the t-shirt then returned it because it was useless to me…and I love t-shirts.

MaintenanceBut this is why reading, understanding, and dwelling on God’s word is so important.  In chapters three and four of the book of Exodus when Moses was called by God to the overwhelmingly impossible task of going to the head of the most powerful nation on the planet, from which he fled as a fugitive wanted for murder, and tell him to let go all the foreigners he was abusing and enslaving…he gave God excuse after excuse for why he couldn’t do it.  Finally Moses just admitted: God send anyone else.  Many of us feel like that when facing overwhelming odds or tasks that seem out of our ability to respond to our out of our control.  Whether daily tasks at work, or at home, or huge projects, or just stepping out in faith and sharing the truth of God’s word with people many times we respond, if we respond at all, with: God, send anyone else.

However, despite the task, God will always prepare us and equip us to do whatever he has called us to do.  When Moses said “Who am I to handle this task” God said “I will go with you”.  When Moses said “They won’t believe me” God told Moses they would believe what God was going to do through Moses.  And even when Moses fudged the truth a little and said he was not nor had ever been an eloquent speaker (according to Acts 7 when Moses spoke he was able to win friends and influence people), God responded with someone who would speak for Moses just as Moses was speaking for God.

In every circumstance, in every situation, in every trial where we put God first, God puts His authority and power on our side so that we are up to the task.  Although we may feel as though we are unequipped for the task at hand, God never fails to equip His people to accomplish His purposes.  The question is what tasks are we facing and trying to accomplish without God instead of with God.

All I Want for Christmas…Next Year

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As a professed Christmas geek I don’t have a problem admitting I enjoy all the Christmas TV that comes with the season.  We not only get the classics like Rudolph and Frosty but Lifetime TV constantly gives us a fresh perspective on doing life Christmas style.  In addition we get to see a host of recording artists from every genre of music do Christmas specials: country music, jazz, pop, you name it; every genre has their representation…except the obvious one…Christian Christmas music.

Christmas Tree MusicWhy isn’t there a Christian Christmas music special?  I mean who better to sing about and rejoice in the Christmas season than Christians?  I realize the secular music producers have deeper pockets, but couldn’t a few of the mega churches (the Willows, Saddlebacks, Elevation, Newspring, etc…) join forces to pull off this amazing line up:  Chris Tomlin, Brandon Heath, Toby Mac (whose concert I just attended on the 15th and it had a great Christmas vibe), Kirk Franklin, Lecrae, Flame, etc…

So all I want for Christmas next year, is to turn on the TV and watch as some of the biggest names in Christian music get together and put on the most amazing Christmas special ever…and of  course I want them to stream it live.  #christmasnerdproblems

7 Tips for Successful Gift Giving

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Gift GivingIf you’re like me, fairly human, then you are still working through a lengthy list of people for whom you still need to get Christmas gifts.  For those of you who completed your Christmas shopping in August, God bless you; you are a special breed indeed.   What works for me, and may not work for everyone, are the 7 guidelines listed below that I use for giving any type of gift anytime of the year.  Check em out, they’re truly golden:

  1. It’s all about you – Don’t believe the hype.  When giving a gift it is actually all about you.  It’s about what you want the person to have out of the kindness of your heart.
  2. It’s all about them – Giving a gift is also all about the person receiving the gift.  It is you wanting them to have something special that is from you, but it is TO and FOR them.
  3. Cost is an issue – There is a difference between an inexpensive gift and a cheap gift.  Always, always, always lean on the side of inexpensive rather than cheap.  If you have to go cheap it’s best not to give a gift at all.
  4. Cost is not an issue – Although one should not put themselves further in debt to provide a gift, a gift has more value when it costs something to give it.
  5. Presentation doesn’t matter – I am the worst gift wrapper of all time, literally.  So, I lean heavily towards the gift bag.  In some cases, I have handed the person the box straight from Amazon and watched as the person eagerly opened the gift.
  6. Presentation does matter – The right gift given at the right time can truly overcome the lack of  a decorative covering.
  7. Shop Early – Although you may not do the physical shopping early, you can do the virtual shopping anytime of the year.  Make lists of things you notice about the person, their needs, their likes, what makes them happy.  And yes, there is an app for that…literally hundreds of apps for making gift lists.

Suffice it to say that all of the above is Biblically based.  When I think about the birth of Jesus Christ, God’s gift to humanity, it was all about God giving a very precious and special gift to us.  God’s gift wasn’t what humanity thought it needed, and some still don’t think they need God’s gift today.  But He gave His Son to us out of the love and mercy in His own heart.  And it was a gift that He determined we should have from the very beginning of time.

The Morning After…

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I’m a registered Independent and I do not support or endorse any political party or candidate (I have to state this  so no one gets confused).

This morning whilst there are many people happy and excited that their voice has been heard there are just as many who feel like theirs has not; whilst there are many who feel as if they are no longer being oppressed there are just as many who feel they will be; whilst there are many who are ecstatic to have a powerful advocate for them there are just as many who feel they have none.

Sadly, this is not a failure of government but of the Church.  If there are any who feel their voice is not heard or is only now heard based on which candidate or p0litical party leads this government then the Church has failed to reveal God to the people.

If there are people who feel oppressed by government or by any organization it is because the Church has failed to reveal God to the people.  If people feel that the only advocate they have is whoever sits in the White House it is because the Church has failed to reveal God to the people.

Obviously, there is a huge failure on the part of the Church if some God fearing people are extremely excited and some God fearing people are extremely unhappy this morning based on the outcome of the election.  There would seem to be a difference of opinion about who God is and what He stands for…which is due to a failure of the Church to reveal God to the people.

Charles Finney, an advocate and leader in the Second Great Awakening, put it this way:

“If immorality prevails in the land, the fault is ours in a great degree. If there is a decay of conscience, the pulpit is responsible for it. If the public press lacks moral discrimination, the pulpit is responsible for it. If the church is degenerate and worldly, the pulpit is responsible for it. If the world loses its interest in religion, the pulpit is responsible for it. If Satan rules in our halls of legislation, the pulpit is responsible for it. If our politics become so corrupt that the very foundations of our government are ready to fall away, the pulpit is responsible for it. Let us not ignore this fact, my dear brethren; but let us lay it to heart, and be thoroughly awake to our responsibility in respect to the morals of this nation.” —Charles G. Finney, December 4, 1873

This mis-perception of God can be rectified…but only if the Church will put aside its own agendas and begin to reveal God to the people.

Jesus Geek

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Comic book, fantasy and computer game, social media and sci-fi lovers are typically referred to as the geeks in society.  We’re the ones who hated that The Gates went off air, waited patiently for the airing of the remake of V, have all the SyFy original shows downloaded to our digital and gaming devices…which we just happen to carry around all the time, and still hope and pray for a revival of Firefly.

That same level of unbridled and misunderstood devotion and passion is true of Jesus-Geeks as well.  We’re the ones who believe that Christmas is still all about Christ, are waiting patiently and eagerly for His return, have more sermon podcasts than music on our digital devices, and just pray for an outright revival.

Not sure which category you fall into?  Here are some ways to tell if you’re a Geek or a Jesus Geek:

Geek: If you refer to you, your parents, and friends as Wii instead of we

Jesus Geek: If you carry the board game, digital game, and card game of bible trivia around in every form imaginable

Geek: If you leave back-up flash drives at your family and friends homes just in case you forget yours and keep them all synched via dropbox

Jesus Geek: If you leave back-up bibles at your family and friends homes just in case you forget yours

Geek: If you proudly display your comic book action and fantasy game figures despite the references to them as “toys”

Jesus Geek: If you proudly wear your cross or other paraphernalia reflecting your love for Jesus Christ despite being in a culture that despises Him, hates Him, and continually insists He doesn’t exist

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