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National Day of Prayer

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NDPThis year I am torn more than ever regarding the National Day of Prayer.  I know it is a huge nationwide event that brings out people and congregations in droves to events all over the nation.  I strongly encourage people and congregations to gather publically and pray for their friends, their families, their communities, and our nation and its leaders.  However, isn’t that what the body of Christ is supposed to do anyway?  And do it daily?

I am torn because some view the National Day of Prayer as the only day to engage in prayer.  Prayer is one of the most valuable assets that the body of Christ has today.  If that is true then shouldn’t the body of Christ be gathering together, even across denominational lines, to pray for people, communities, and our nation…regularly?

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for praying together and in public.  I  am just all for it more than just one day a year.  Why aren’t there monthly or quarterly prayer events going on across our nation on a regular basis?  Why is it usually when tragedy strikes that we see a call to prayer?  Why does it have to take a Tsunami, an earthquake, or a questionable action by a civil servant, or a city in mourning to bring the body of Christ together to pray?  I am not trying to be cynical, but perhaps if we held more prayer events than protests or more prayer events other than to pray against a politician all of our cities and our nation would be in better place.

As I write this, yes, I am trying and have tried to coordinate cross-denominational prayer events for the National Day of Prayer (for those who are wondering if I practice what I preach, lol).  And yes, I am aware that multiple congregations are already engaged in doing regular prayer events with their congregations and with other congregations across denominational lines.  But God help us, literally, if we ever get to a point where we feel like we are praying too much.  This year we are trying to add the following to our local prayer events and if possible perhaps you and your congregation can do the same if it is not being done already:

-Quarterly or regularly scheduled cross denominational pray events

-Public prayer events and prayer walks

That being said, what are you praying for and who will you be praying with for the National Day of Prayer on Thursday May 7th of this year?


It Ain’t Over

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Just because the elections are over doesn’t mean our prayers should stop.  No matter who is in office, whether we voted for them or not, that elected official, from the local magistrate to the congressman or senator, will need the prayers of the people in order to govern justly.  Please pray that the Church, the body of Christ, will deepen its commitment to prayer and never cease to call upon God to guide this nation and its leaders. #amen!

Before You Vote…

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As you can probably tell many people are very distressed about the upcoming election.  I’m an independent but many people who are faithful to their party are literally up in arms.  If you are a Christ follower, regardless of your political affiliation, you have two responsibilities in this upcoming election: first and foremost to pray, and secondly, to vote.

But before you vote, there are 4 podcasts you definitely need to hear before entering the polls.  Because of the election, at CrossRoads we recently did a series called When In Rome: God’s Perspective on Political Hotspots.  The purpose was to let Christians know God’s perspective on many of the issues being raised by both parties in the upcoming election.   If you have time and the technical resources listen to these podcasts and pray like crazy before casting your vote.  Below is a highlight of each podcast topic and links to where you can get them in either audio or video format.

Podcast 1) When In Rome: God’s Perspective on Political Hotspots – This podcast laid out the fact that many of the issues being raised today have been faced before by people in other nations, specifically Rome, at the height of that nations place of power in history.

Podcast 2) When In Rome: Sexual Healing – In this podcast the topic of sexuality, whether heterosexual or homosexual, is looked at from God’s perspective.  Both parties claim to have the right perspective to how we should view sexual issues.  But before you vote, perhaps you should get God’s perspective.

Podcast 3) When In Rome: The Amazing Race – For obvious reasons, racism has become a huge factor in this election more than any other, including the one that put President Obama in the white house.  The issue is so strong that it is dividing our nation, homes, and even our congregations.  Again, if you are a Christ follower, whether you are dealing with the issue or just know someone who is, this podcast will help you immensely.

Podcast 4) When In Rome: God and Government – Each candidate and their party has a view of the role of government.  God has a view as well and I can guarantee you it differs from what you have heard from either party.

Access the podcasts by:

From iTunes – under podcasts, search for “At The CrossRoads” and look for the icon from this blog.

From our Website – Video and audio can be accessed or downloaded from our website at

By email – If you are unable to access any of these features, send me an email and I will mail you an MP3 CD of all 4 podcasts, at no cost to you.

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