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Put A Bandaid On It…

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So a few months ago I pulled a tendon in my left arm.  It took forever to heal because I kept going right back out and doing the thing that caused the damage in the first place, #dagorhir (you’re going to have to Google it).  After weeks of it not healing I finally took a few weeks off from sparring and gym workouts to let it heal.  Then I gradually re-engaged in both #dagorhir  and gym workouts.  It took time but it healed. 


So what do you think I did when I pulled a tendon in my right arm a few weeks later (this was after a pulled abdominal muscle and a few thumb smashes…#dagorhir)? I went right back at it without allowing time for healing.  Of course once I finally took a few weeks off it began to heal; I am still in that healing process.

I look at our nation now and I see a nation that needs to heal, from wounds of lost loved ones, from wounds of lost trust and confidence, and from wounds caused by hatred and bigotry. This nation, we make up this nation, need time to heal.

Over the Christmas weekend take some time to heal.  Step away from the keyboard.  Don’t respond to any flagrant posts or tweets. Ignore the rants and tirades and spend the weekend with family and loved ones.  We all need time to heal.  #merrychristmas.


Jesus Geek

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Comic book, fantasy and computer game, social media and sci-fi lovers are typically referred to as the geeks in society.  We’re the ones who hated that The Gates went off air, waited patiently for the airing of the remake of V, have all the SyFy original shows downloaded to our digital and gaming devices…which we just happen to carry around all the time, and still hope and pray for a revival of Firefly.

That same level of unbridled and misunderstood devotion and passion is true of Jesus-Geeks as well.  We’re the ones who believe that Christmas is still all about Christ, are waiting patiently and eagerly for His return, have more sermon podcasts than music on our digital devices, and just pray for an outright revival.

Not sure which category you fall into?  Here are some ways to tell if you’re a Geek or a Jesus Geek:

Geek: If you refer to you, your parents, and friends as Wii instead of we

Jesus Geek: If you carry the board game, digital game, and card game of bible trivia around in every form imaginable

Geek: If you leave back-up flash drives at your family and friends homes just in case you forget yours and keep them all synched via dropbox

Jesus Geek: If you leave back-up bibles at your family and friends homes just in case you forget yours

Geek: If you proudly display your comic book action and fantasy game figures despite the references to them as “toys”

Jesus Geek: If you proudly wear your cross or other paraphernalia reflecting your love for Jesus Christ despite being in a culture that despises Him, hates Him, and continually insists He doesn’t exist

The Twilight Saga Continues…

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Just like many of you, I went online and purchased tickets to Eclipse, the next movie in the Twilight saga.  It’s not hard to believe that the 13 midnight showings were sold out at our local theatre, including the IMAX showing.  The movie does not only appeal to teens and tweens.  In fact, many of us vampire and werewolf loving action and adventure type pastors are enjoying it is well.  It seems the action oriented part of the story has gotten progressively better with each new movie.

Since I could not help but notice the texts, Facebook status updates, and tweets all anticipating this third movie I was wondering what God would say to some of the characters in the Twilight series.  Yes, I know they are only characters…but still, the thought crossed my mind that maybe He would say something like…:

Edward Cullen – You are going to be dead forever.  With me you could have life for eternity.

Jacob Black – Yes, I have counted and know even the number of hairs on your head, and torso, and paws.

Bella Swan – You seek a life filled with love, I offer you unconditional love for the rest of your life.

Victoria – You’ve taken this woman scorned thing to an entirely new level.

The Cullen Family – Blood may be thicker than water, but I offer you blood to drink which is the new covenant; I know what it means to stick up for family.

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