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Put A Bandaid On It…

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So a few months ago I pulled a tendon in my left arm.  It took forever to heal because I kept going right back out and doing the thing that caused the damage in the first place, #dagorhir (you’re going to have to Google it).  After weeks of it not healing I finally took a few weeks off from sparring and gym workouts to let it heal.  Then I gradually re-engaged in both #dagorhir  and gym workouts.  It took time but it healed. 


So what do you think I did when I pulled a tendon in my right arm a few weeks later (this was after a pulled abdominal muscle and a few thumb smashes…#dagorhir)? I went right back at it without allowing time for healing.  Of course once I finally took a few weeks off it began to heal; I am still in that healing process.

I look at our nation now and I see a nation that needs to heal, from wounds of lost loved ones, from wounds of lost trust and confidence, and from wounds caused by hatred and bigotry. This nation, we make up this nation, need time to heal.

Over the Christmas weekend take some time to heal.  Step away from the keyboard.  Don’t respond to any flagrant posts or tweets. Ignore the rants and tirades and spend the weekend with family and loved ones.  We all need time to heal.  #merrychristmas.


Under A-Tax!

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2014 TaxSo this year, I again reluctantly dove into completing my Federal and State taxes.  If you are a pastor it is more complex than it needs to be in my humble opinion.  After completing all of the necessary answers to the questions in the software program I use I was notified that even though I made the exact same amount of money (to the penny) as last year, and my wife made 15% of what she made last year (due to being a full time student), we owed more than twice as much as last year.  I was floored to say the least.

Then along comes the very epitome of the word help meet, my beloved wife, who finds and corrects my errors (which is basically information I neglected to include) and we end up owing less than half of what we did last year.

I truly, with every ounce of my being believe that God knew what He was doing by not calling marriage a partnership (which can sometimes denote shared interest when financially or generally beneficial to one party to the exclusion of the other party) but a union.  A union denotes a coming together for the benefit of the whole.

I also think He knew what He was doing when He determined that wives were to be a help meet.  The term does not mean a servant, slave, or door mat.  It literally means an aide or helper, formed from a root word meaning to protect (as used in Genesis 2).  If you’re not getting the picture I probably am not painting it well.  God went on to describe the  union between man and woman in marriage to be not only eternally binding but mutual to the man, the woman, and to Him.

If you have not done so today gentlemen, thank God for your wife, then go thank your wife.

Twas the Night Before A Pretty Geeky Christmas

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Christmas Geek

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house;

The geeks home was wired both inside and out.

The dropcams were hung, motion sensors were on,

To catch children peeking before Christmas morn.

And I on my nexus had just made some time,

To shop with the missus via Amazon Prime.

When up on the roof we heard something amiss,

We stopped all our shopping and paused the Netflix.

Whilst voice dialing the police who should appear,

But a young hipster Santa and digital reindeer.

Sup” he said smoothly as he swaggered our way,

Then he winked at the missus, nodded to me and said “Hey“.

He began laying batteries neath our digital tree;

Double A, triple A, some C’s and some D’s.

He laid out some chargers, wireless docks and some mats,

And spread out some gift cards to purchase free apps.

He gave the missus a smart watch and I with a gasp,

Accepted from Santa my first Google Glass.

Then he acknowledged the digital fireplace;

He said “It almost looks real.”

I said “It should, it’s 4K.”

In a flash he was gone but I heard him profess;

Merry Christmas to all! Peace out and God bless!

Your Social Media Net Worth…IMHO

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Coming off of Spring break many potential grads are going to be looking for gainful employment.  Ideally their employment would start right after graduation (or once they get back from the beach or wherever they go to celebrate graduating).  But here is a thought, and I am definitely not the first to think of it, but what would your net worth be if you could get paid for all those hours spent using social media?  This is not a sales pitch and I am not referring to the Social Media Managers that manage pages and accounts for a living.  I mean if you quantified your time on all your networks chatting, posting, pinteresting, tweeting, etc…what would your time be worth?  I came up with a 7 step process to figure that out:


  •  First, note your current Klout score.  If you don’t know what that is then you probably should not get paid for this particular position.  My Klout score at the time of this writing is 60.
  • Also note your True Reach number.  This will come in handy later.  My True Reach number is 1,000.
  • Determine the number of social media networks used to determine your Klout score, the # of networks you have connected to Klout.  For me the number of networks is 4.
  • Divide your Klout score (60) by the number of networks used to determine your Klout score (4): 60/4 = 15. This is the equivalent of your hourly rate of pay.  For me, I am worth $15/hour.
  • Determine the average number of hours you spend online using social media each week.  For me that is about 60 (don’t act shocked).  Multiply that number times 52 (weeks in a year) to determine the # of hours worked each year.  60 hours/week X 52 weeks/year = 3120 hours per year.
  • Multiply the # you came up with in step 4, your hourly rate times the number of hours per year from step 5.  $15 per hour X 3120 hours/year = $46,800 per year.  This would be my average annual salary if I were paid for all my social media madness.
  • Bonus: since every job deserves a bonus, take 10% of your annual salary and multiply it by the # of networks used to create your Klout score.  For me that is $4,680 X 4 = $18,720.  This would be the quarterly bonus I would receive each quarter where I increase my Klout score by 10.  If I did that for only two quarters I could end the year with a salary of $84,240 before taxes.

Not such a waste of time now is it…of course I made all of this up so it could be…but in my world I would be getting paid for posting this so…

Either way, figure your net worth and share it in the comments.

3, 2, 1…

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This has been a busy week but I thought I would share some musings and things that I use from day to day and week to week in a post called 3,2,1.  So here are…

3 2 1

 3 Apps

Pocket: Holds anything and everything, links, videos, etc…Whatever you come across but don’t have time to look at, just put it in your pocket  and retrieve across all devices.

Flipboard: This is a great reader app that lets you put all of your news feeds or social media updates in one place.  As indicated, you can just flip through everything in one spot without having to change to different apps, news feeds, or social media streams.

Lookout: Whether you have a high dollar or bottom dollar smartphone chances are you don’t want to lose it or pay for another one.  Lookout is a great app which not only helps secure your smartphone, it also has features which can help identify where the device is if lost or stolen.  It has additional features that can be provided at a cost, but the free features are more than enough to validate its use.

 2 TV Shows

Shark Tank: Reality TV done well, yes it’s about money but it is also about the creativity and ingenuity of the human spirit…and a great place to preview new gadgets #justsayin

The Bible: The History Chanel’s presentation by Roma Downey and Mark Burnett has sparked a lot of conversation for people of all faiths.  The series highlights some of the more captivating events in the Bible and culminates with the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Although it is only a miniseries it is definitely worth watching.

 1 Worship Song

Overcome by Desperation Band: The lyrics are encouraging and spiritually inspiring whilst revealing the entirety of the gospel  and reiterating what Jesus Christ accomplished on the cross.


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If you are like me (which might not be as bad as one would initially think…in my humble opinion), you have probably heard statistics and read articles and blogs regarding the declining attendance at Sunday Celebrations; which some claim to be an indicator of the decline of the Church in general.  In fact, one article I read last year stated that within the next 10 years 60% of small neighborhood congregations within America would cease to exist.  I don’t know where those figures are coming from but I strongly disagree.

New Normal2Due to the explosion of internet television, podcasting, and live streaming Sunday Celebrations, it is impossible to get an accurate picture of, and chart the changing dynamics of, the Sunday Celebration.  While some are criticizing the use of these venues, others are doing what Christ did, taking the gospel to where people are congregating.  In this case it’s chat rooms, websites, and anywhere online or on a smart phone.

Personally, I am involved with several online chat experiences and social media communities for Christ followers, Geeky Christians, and even chat rooms where non-Christians and Christ followers discuss (not debate) their differences and their beliefs.  Many congregations are hosting online discussions, and like our congregation does, streaming their Sunday Celebrations so those seeking to know more about God can hear the truth of God’s word.  There are literally millions of virtual prayer rooms that exist online.  This allows people from around the world to literally pray for and with each other within moments of a prayer request being uttered.  Worship experiences are happening across social media platforms (search the hash tag #tworship on Twitter) and the International House of Prayer has an online 24/7 worship experience that can be visited both physically in person and virtually.

Is there more work to be done in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ?  Of course there are always more people, more co-workers, more family, and more friends in our circles of influence with whom we can share the good news as Jesus commanded us to in Matthew 28.  However, it might be a little soon to proclaim the Church in decline.  It might be more accurate to proclaim the expanding and exploding venues through which we can now share the gospel and join physically, spiritually, and virtually together in worshipping our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  This is not just a new way to share the gospel.  It is becoming a normal medium that can be used to share the gospel.  It should never replace sitting down with a family member or friend over a cup of coffee to share what God has done in ones life.  But it definitely should not be ignored as a viable venue for expanding God’s kingdom.  #thechurchisthenewnormal

Twitter – isms…

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Photo Feb 05, 7 45 21 Twitter seems to be making more and more strides to became not just a social media site, but an expected part of everyday life.  Take note, during Super Bowl XLVII, over 24 million tweets were sent.  That is almost 3 times more than during the last super bowl.  Twitter is also changing the way we interact with others.  Prior to twitter (and maybe Facebook but mostly Twitter) there was a huge wall between celebrities and common folk. Twitter broke down that wall by allowing everyday people a vehicle by which they could reach out to and connect with celebrities without getting tackled by body guards. Even celebrities with millions of twitter followers will engage in dialog with their fans via twitter or give them a shout out or retweet every now and then. I was excited when I received a tweeted response from a favorite Chef of my wife and I, Robert Irvine, pictured above with my wife Christi.

Thanks to Twitter, there is now a way for people to connect daily and regularly with those with whom it was previously impossible. This is exactly what Jesus Christ’s death on the cross did for humanity, created a way for man to connect daily and regularly with the creator of the universe.  By dying on a cross, Jesus removed and eradicated forever, the wall, caused by sin, that separated mankind from God. And just as some people don’t understand Twitter, or refuse to tweet because they thinks it’s silly, there are those who don’t understand the significance of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice or refuse to accept what He did because they think Christianity is silly. Either way, believe it or not, the wall has come down and millions upon millions are connecting with God regularly and daily.

Do you tweet regularly to celebrities expecting a response?  #thinkaboutit

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