You Can’t Handle The Truth

We often read books and letters that take fantasy and bring it into reality.  Not that they make the fantasy become true, but they put the fantasy into a more realistic perspective.  A TV shoe called Once Upon A Time does just that.  It takes the fairytale stories of our past (and some present if you’re watching this season) and presents them in a somewhat realistic perspective by interweaving the fairy tales with reality.

Sadly, this is how some view the Bible.  They believe that some author(s) took myths and legends from history and mixed in some doses of historical accounts to come up with a book of fantasy that in no way should be considered as true.  It has e


ven caused some Christians to ask whether the Bible should be taken literally.  Whenever I hear that question I cringe because the wrong question is being asked which means the wrong answer will be given.  A better question is whether the Bible should be perceived as true.  The answer to that question is yes, from cover to cover the Bible in its entirety should be perceived to be true because the Bible reveals truth.

Although there is much of the Bible that is factual and can be taken literally (biographies and historical documentation of people, places, and things that actually occurred) the Bible also contains poems, songs, and allegories used to communicate the truth about God and His amazing love for humanity.  This doesn’t mean the parts of the Bible we find hard to believe should be dismissed as non-factual.  In fact, the opposite is true: Animals  did talk, a worldwide flood did occur, a river was parted for the Israelites, sick people were healed, the blind did regain their sight, God did allow His only son to die for us, Jesus did rise from the dead.  If the Bible contains true revelations about a God who is Spirit then we should expect that revelation to include the miraculous events listed in the Bible.  If it didn’t, why would we believe it was about God?

As you read through the Bible instead of asking “How can I take this specific passage of scripture literally?” You can ask “What truth about God is this passage literally trying to reveal?”


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