Under A-Tax!

2014 TaxSo this year, I again reluctantly dove into completing my Federal and State taxes.  If you are a pastor it is more complex than it needs to be in my humble opinion.  After completing all of the necessary answers to the questions in the software program I use I was notified that even though I made the exact same amount of money (to the penny) as last year, and my wife made 15% of what she made last year (due to being a full time student), we owed more than twice as much as last year.  I was floored to say the least.

Then along comes the very epitome of the word help meet, my beloved wife, who finds and corrects my errors (which is basically information I neglected to include) and we end up owing less than half of what we did last year.

I truly, with every ounce of my being believe that God knew what He was doing by not calling marriage a partnership (which can sometimes denote shared interest when financially or generally beneficial to one party to the exclusion of the other party) but a union.  A union denotes a coming together for the benefit of the whole.

I also think He knew what He was doing when He determined that wives were to be a help meet.  The term does not mean a servant, slave, or door mat.  It literally means an aide or helper, formed from a root word meaning to protect (as used in Genesis 2).  If you’re not getting the picture I probably am not painting it well.  God went on to describe the  union between man and woman in marriage to be not only eternally binding but mutual to the man, the woman, and to Him.

If you have not done so today gentlemen, thank God for your wife, then go thank your wife.


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