Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow

IMG_20140219_101256If you are like me, this winter has been less than pleasant to say the least.  Previous winters have been fun for some that love to ski and do winter sports and tedious and uncomfortable for others.  However, I think all would agree this current winter has been extremely unbearable.  Some have suffered loss of power for hours or days in subzero temperatures.  My wife and I were reminiscing about when we had to do that a few years ago.  We invited some friends to stay with us who were without power at the time and just as they got settled in, our power went out.  They went to stay with other friends whilst my wife and I endured the mid-thirty degree temps in our home for a few days. Nowhere near the subzero temperatures some are enduring.

Those who have not lost power have endured busted pipes as we did within our congregational facility, extreme damage to roads and sidewalks due to constantly changing temps, and massive flooding after the numerous cycles of snow pile up then melting then pile up…you get the point.

One particular day of the  many many many days when I was out shoveling snow at our congregational facility it started to snow…again.  My immediate thought was I really cannot take even one more day of this.  It seemed like I was just shoveling snow to make a nice neat place for more snow.  To make matters worse, for some reason I felt like God was making a habit of having it snow on Saturday evenings (when it was too late to get a plow truck to clear the congregational facility parking lot) and on Sunday mornings (it was clear when we started the Sunday Celebration but the roads were covered with snow when we left; because our facility is on a hill some people were stuck for hours awaiting a plow to come clear the road).

As silly as it may seem I felt useless and like this winter was throwing all it had at me personally.  And then God slapped some sense into me; not literally, but it felt like it was.  I was overwhelmed with the thought of people who didn’t have a home that had lost electricity, they just didn’t have a home.  I was reminded that many people did not have to clean off their cars to go to work because they didn’t have a car, or a place to work.  I was reminded of how truly blessed so many of us are, but we forget that before we tweet and update our Facebook status with gripes and complaints about the cold.  I was also reminded that we live in a fallen world that has been shaped by sinfulness and separation from God.  Although not outlined in scripture directly I think it is safe to say that the phrases “snowpocolypse” and “snowmegeddon” were not part of God’s original plan for this earth nor will they be part of His plan for eternity with Him.  However, giving thanks to God in all circumstances will always be a part of God’s design and plan for His people.

So the next time I go out to shovel, which literally will not be too long from now, I will give thanks for my health, God’s provision, and His creation.  I will do the same thing when I start complaining about the heat, and mowing the lawn, and begging God for a cool winters day.  Pray for me, God’s still working on me. #blessed #greatful #thankful #workinprogress


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