Don’t Just Give Thanks…Say Thanks

It’s been pretty cool watching as people post all of the things they are thankful for as we get closer to Thanksgiving.  Throughout the Bible there are times recorded where people would give thanks to God.  But there are also times where someone would say thanks publicly to a person or group of people for what they had done in an individual’s life.

Thank-you-post-itToday we are so used to posting online that we are thankful that sometimes we forget to actually say thank you.  I have to admit that this is an area that is still being worked on in me.  I often tend to forget to say thank you to people even though I am extremely grateful for something they may have done.

So here is another challenge, and yes, I will post this on all my social media sites (that is after all what we do these days): For every day that you are posting what you are thankful for…take the time to call or connect with one person and tell them thank you for something they have done that has impacted your life.

And on a kind of cheesy note, thank you for reading this post.  Feel free to share in the comments about someone who you would like to thank for impacting your life (then call or connect with them…and thank them).

**HINT – If you don’t know where to start, start with your spouse #justsayin


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