Welcome to the Family

This morning I was reading about parents who adopt children.  Some parents adopt because they cannot give birth to children whilst others already have children but want to be a blessing to more children.  There are parents who adopt children locally, from other states, and from other countries.  In each case though, the parents are usually excited, jubilant, and ecstatic as they bring the new child home; a child that was not theirs before is now suddenly a part of their family, under their care, and their responsibility.

child-of-god            This is a picture of how God feels every single time a new believer steps across the line of faith, acknowledges how much God loves them, acknowledges He died for them, and becomes a part of the family of God…becomes a child of God.  The Bible tells us about the overwhelming joy that God experiences when this happens.  A man named Luke, who took the time to research the claims of Jesus’ deity, recorded Jesus talking about this very thing.  Luke documented a conversation Jesus was having with those that were separated from God and who society considered the greedy, lust filled, unloved and unwanted.  Jesus told this group that when just one person turns from the things that separates them from God and turns their heart and mind towards a relationship with God there is an atmosphere of joy and gladness that permeates throughout the kingdom of heaven.  It’s not just God who rejoices, but all of heaven celebrates every time someone becomes a child of God.  Take note, Jesus was communicating to those society deemed unloved and unwanted that God wanted them, loved them, and would rejoice to have them in His family.

As Christ followers we should pray that God’s will in heaven is done on earth.  Therefore we should reach out to, accept, and love on those who others might deem un-loveable and unwanted.  We should also let them know that there is a God in heaven who loves them and wants them to be a part of His family.  And we should definitely rejoice and celebrate every time someone steps across the line of faith and becomes a child of God.

The next time you are talking to someone who acknowledges they are a new Christian give them a big hug and say “Welcome to the Family!”

One Response to “Welcome to the Family”

  1. Christians possess a common grace and willingly achieve results through human effort with the knowledge that virtue is its own reward. The goal is to be Christlike. The aim is to develop a generous spirit leading to positive concrete actions and a selfless disposition that allows individuals to give the best of themselves and perform good deeds.

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