Food, Faith, and Fellowship

I often share with the CrossRoads Church Family that food, faith, and fellowship go hand in hand as seen in the Bible.  It’s true.  If you take the time to search it out you will find that although each is defined and can definitely stand on its own, there is a consistent partnership between food, fellowship, and faith.  It’s seen in all the festivals and ceremonies of the Old Testament and in the act of communion in the New Testament.  The three go hand in hand.  I recently ran across something else that reminded me of that relationship.

Pho My wife and I both love Pho, a Vietnamese noodle soup.  For me, soup is more of a meal starter.  However, this dish is full of meat and vegetables and such a flavorful broth that I could not help but love it.  It has a distinct flavor that can be made either sweeter or spicier with hoisin sauce or hot sauce.  When we moved to the Pittsburgh area we searched all over trying to find the perfect bowl of Pho.

We found a place in Lawrenceville, Pho Minh, that we like and we go there often.  Within the last year we found a place in the Strip District, Pho Van, which also has a great bowl of Pho.  However, recently we found a place in Dormont, Mekong, which has an astounding bowl of Pho and is physically much closer to where we live.  Their dish has the distinct flavor we love whilst maintaining its own individual flavor due to the chef’s homemade cooking style.  We both loved it so much we couldn’t stop talking about it.  In fact, everything we tried at the restaurant was so delicious and tasteful we were just blown away.

MeKongWhy is this like faith and fellowship?  Because if I had the resources, I would buy the restaurant so I could share the wonderful meals prepared there with everyone…for free.  I would love for the cook to share their wonderful dishes with everyone, not just the people in Dormont or in the Pittsburgh area.  I would love it if my friends in Chile and in Panama, in New York City, the DC-Maryland-Virginia area, the North Carolina, upstate NY and CT area could share in the  joy that comes from tasting this food because I know they would enjoy and appreciate it.  The same is true of my relationship with Jesus Christ.  Sometimes my heart and head are literally busting with a desire for everyone I know to experience the love of Jesus Christ and share in the joy that comes from a relationship with him.  I don’t tell people about or post or tweet about Jesus because it’s my job, or because I think I am right about some religious process or protocol .  I do it because I want to share the joy I get from my relationship with Jesus Christ with them and because I believe they would enjoy and appreciate experiencing His love.


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