Your Social Media Net Worth…IMHO

Coming off of Spring break many potential grads are going to be looking for gainful employment.  Ideally their employment would start right after graduation (or once they get back from the beach or wherever they go to celebrate graduating).  But here is a thought, and I am definitely not the first to think of it, but what would your net worth be if you could get paid for all those hours spent using social media?  This is not a sales pitch and I am not referring to the Social Media Managers that manage pages and accounts for a living.  I mean if you quantified your time on all your networks chatting, posting, pinteresting, tweeting, etc…what would your time be worth?  I came up with a 7 step process to figure that out:


  •  First, note your current Klout score.  If you don’t know what that is then you probably should not get paid for this particular position.  My Klout score at the time of this writing is 60.
  • Also note your True Reach number.  This will come in handy later.  My True Reach number is 1,000.
  • Determine the number of social media networks used to determine your Klout score, the # of networks you have connected to Klout.  For me the number of networks is 4.
  • Divide your Klout score (60) by the number of networks used to determine your Klout score (4): 60/4 = 15. This is the equivalent of your hourly rate of pay.  For me, I am worth $15/hour.
  • Determine the average number of hours you spend online using social media each week.  For me that is about 60 (don’t act shocked).  Multiply that number times 52 (weeks in a year) to determine the # of hours worked each year.  60 hours/week X 52 weeks/year = 3120 hours per year.
  • Multiply the # you came up with in step 4, your hourly rate times the number of hours per year from step 5.  $15 per hour X 3120 hours/year = $46,800 per year.  This would be my average annual salary if I were paid for all my social media madness.
  • Bonus: since every job deserves a bonus, take 10% of your annual salary and multiply it by the # of networks used to create your Klout score.  For me that is $4,680 X 4 = $18,720.  This would be the quarterly bonus I would receive each quarter where I increase my Klout score by 10.  If I did that for only two quarters I could end the year with a salary of $84,240 before taxes.

Not such a waste of time now is it…of course I made all of this up so it could be…but in my world I would be getting paid for posting this so…

Either way, figure your net worth and share it in the comments.

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    good work!

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