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Photo Feb 05, 7 45 21 Twitter seems to be making more and more strides to became not just a social media site, but an expected part of everyday life.  Take note, during Super Bowl XLVII, over 24 million tweets were sent.  That is almost 3 times more than during the last super bowl.  Twitter is also changing the way we interact with others.  Prior to twitter (and maybe Facebook but mostly Twitter) there was a huge wall between celebrities and common folk. Twitter broke down that wall by allowing everyday people a vehicle by which they could reach out to and connect with celebrities without getting tackled by body guards. Even celebrities with millions of twitter followers will engage in dialog with their fans via twitter or give them a shout out or retweet every now and then. I was excited when I received a tweeted response from a favorite Chef of my wife and I, Robert Irvine, pictured above with my wife Christi.

Thanks to Twitter, there is now a way for people to connect daily and regularly with those with whom it was previously impossible. This is exactly what Jesus Christ’s death on the cross did for humanity, created a way for man to connect daily and regularly with the creator of the universe.  By dying on a cross, Jesus removed and eradicated forever, the wall, caused by sin, that separated mankind from God. And just as some people don’t understand Twitter, or refuse to tweet because they thinks it’s silly, there are those who don’t understand the significance of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice or refuse to accept what He did because they think Christianity is silly. Either way, believe it or not, the wall has come down and millions upon millions are connecting with God regularly and daily.

Do you tweet regularly to celebrities expecting a response?  #thinkaboutit


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