The Church Is…

Black Logo4VTime and time again I find myself being reminded that the Church is not a building or a Saturday night or Sunday morning service.  Although the word isn’t used in the Old Testament of the Bible the concept of what the Church truly is meant to be is displayed there over and over.  The actual word used in the New Testament, first used by Jesus (see Matthew 16 and 18), defines a group of people called out “from” wherever they are, “to” a gathering that is meant to be a public display.

God’s intent is that when we as Christ followers publicly show up to love on, support, pray for, pray with, mourn with, laugh with, hope with, heal with, and even hurt with one another, the world sees this authentic community of extremely generous people engaged in doing life together in the presence of a very real God and understands that this thing, this living organism of passionately spiritual people….that’s the Church.

If that doesn’t exist in your congregation then you be the vessel through which God provides it.  Be the Church.  #thechurchisthenewnormal  #realpeoplerealliferealgod


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