All I Want for Christmas…Next Year

As a professed Christmas geek I don’t have a problem admitting I enjoy all the Christmas TV that comes with the season.  We not only get the classics like Rudolph and Frosty but Lifetime TV constantly gives us a fresh perspective on doing life Christmas style.  In addition we get to see a host of recording artists from every genre of music do Christmas specials: country music, jazz, pop, you name it; every genre has their representation…except the obvious one…Christian Christmas music.

Christmas Tree MusicWhy isn’t there a Christian Christmas music special?  I mean who better to sing about and rejoice in the Christmas season than Christians?  I realize the secular music producers have deeper pockets, but couldn’t a few of the mega churches (the Willows, Saddlebacks, Elevation, Newspring, etc…) join forces to pull off this amazing line up:  Chris Tomlin, Brandon Heath, Toby Mac (whose concert I just attended on the 15th and it had a great Christmas vibe), Kirk Franklin, Lecrae, Flame, etc…

So all I want for Christmas next year, is to turn on the TV and watch as some of the biggest names in Christian music get together and put on the most amazing Christmas special ever…and of  course I want them to stream it live.  #christmasnerdproblems


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