3 Questions Every Christ Follower Should Ask…Now

I realize this post may offend some but it will inspire others.  For those of you who are into more of my lighter and more casual stuff skip this one…next one is for you, I promise.

Manger CrossRoadsIf you are a Christ follower and are a part of a congregation that is looking forward to and planning on celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, here are 3 questions every member of that congregation needs to ask of themselves, their leadership, and their pastor.  While I respect the views and differing opinions of everyone, I also respect the Words of Jesus Christ on this topic.  So, just as I allow you the freedom to express your opinion I appreciate being allowed to express mine.

1 – Do you/we believe that Jesus Christ was really born of an actual virgin: This is important because there are many discussions going around today that say this verbiage should be minimized in order not to offend others.  This includes changes to Bibles to remove the word virgin from Old and New Testament passages.  That is totally different from those who say the virgin birth did not actually occur but was an analogy.  In otherwords, they claim there was no physical birth by a virgin woman that occurred via the Holy Spirit although there are the claims of numerous Old Testament prophecies, Mary and Joseph (Joseph had absolutely nothing to gain by supporting the claim), and many New Testament writers who record the virgin birth not just as a miracle, but a factual one.

2 – Do you/we believe that Jesus’ birth has an impact on my life: This question is kind of crucial because Jesus Himself said He was the Messiah, the one of whom over 300 Old Testament prophecies foretold.  If He was not telling the truth about His birth, then why should we believe the truth about His death, burial, and resurrection which are the actual events that free us from sin and allow us to enter into relationship with God the Creator?  The birth of Jesus Christ only impacts one’s life if it is true, even if no one believes it.  If it is false, it really has no impact on anyone’s life even if they choose to believe it (not a Godly impact anyway).  Believing a lie doesn’t make it true.

3 – If I/we believe the virgin, historical, factual birth of Jesus Christ occurred, and does impact my life, is it worth celebrating: There are many today who, as Christ followers, feel that we should not celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ because it is associated with a pagan holiday.  Although that is an un-biblical stance I will not try to persuade people one way or another (although in a teaching series called “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” I addressed this topic Biblically in great detail.  You can check it out on the Our Message page of the CrossRoads Website).  I will say this though, with all the sports game wins, family or scholastic or job achievements we celebrate, surely, the birth of Jesus Christ, God in the flesh, deserves a joyful remembrance by comparison.

Praying everyone has a safe, blessed, and very merry Christmas!

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