You Know You’re Holiday Ready If…

Even though for some of us it feels like just last weekend we were biking and wearing shorts (we literally were) the holidays are already upon us.  So for those of us in denial, despite the fast approaching Black Thursday (gotta call em as I see em), here are some ways to tell if you are ready for the holidays:

  1. -Your refrigerator is full of food that no one can eat because it all for Thanksgiving
  2. -You postponed all diets, diet plans, and gym memberships until the 2nd of January
  3. -You do all of your tweets and status updates in the theme of the 12 days of…
  4. -You started ranting against, or listening to, or ranting against whilst listening to Christmas music more than 12 days ago
  5. -You just wrapped all the Christmas gifts for others that you purchased and have been playing with since July
  6. -You already made a list of which New Year’s Resolutions you intend to break
  7. -You started DVR’ng everything off of Food Network Channel and Lifetime Movie Channel (they are holiday favorites aren’t they?)

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