A Sure Thing?!?!?!?!?!

I’m a registered Independent and I do not support or endorse any political party or candidate (I have to state this  so no one gets confused).

Although many people have committed to vote for a specific candidate or political party there are still many people debating and trying to determine which candidate is the best option for 2012.  Unfortunately, we have no immediate way of telling because there are three things that are out of our control.  No matter which candidate we vote for we will never be able to tell if the candidate was…

1.  Not committed to doing anything they said they would; in other words they told us what they wanted us to hear in order to get into office.  Sorry if some of you are hearing this for the 1st time but politicians do lie; either intentionally or unintentionally, they tell false truths.

2.  Was stopped from doing everything they said they would.  Just because you voted for a candidate and they won doesn’t mean everyone else supports that candidate.  A lot of opposition can come comes against candidates, their party, and what they are trying to achieve…even ones that win the popular vote.

3.  Unprepared to do everything they said they would.  Very few candidates, even good intentioned ones, are able to fulfill all of their campaign promises.  Some promises are unfulfilled due to opposition from other parties, but some are unfulfilled because the candidate did not have all of the information before making the promise.  Believe it or not, a lot of promises are made due to the unpopularity of another candidate, an existing unpopular law or bill, or other reasons that may not supply the candidate with all of the necessary facts.

From a Biblical perspective, God knows the answer to all of these questions.  Throughout history He has worked in the hearts of national leaders to fulfill His purpose for the benefit of His people; even governments and leaders that were opposed to Him, rejected Him, and didn’t even believe in Him.  So I advise every Christ follower, to not just jump on a person, political party, or platform bandwagon.  Instead, fall on your knees in prayer and fasting and ask God for His guidance.   #pray.then.vote

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