Things Pastors SHOULD Say

I’ve made a couple of lists of things pastors shouldn’t say.  I even have one in the works for things pastor’s wives shouldn’t say (follow my wife,  @BigPhatWifeSays on Twitter for a preview).  However, in light of the ever increasing liberalities Christians are taking with the truths of God’s word I feel it more important that I touch on things we pastors should say, say more often, and say louder and louder and louder…without increasing our voices.

10. We would all like to have nicer Stuff; but to make getting the stuff you see everyone else with your life’s goal is not really what God had in mind when He said He wants to bless you.

9. To tell the truth, if there is no unmoving, unchanging, moral standard against which we live our lives…we are lying about living our lives by any true moral standard.

8. Yes, the time you spend asking me these questions via Facebook instead of doing the work your employer pays and expects you to do is technically considered stealing from him.

7. It’s not about some sex, what type of sex, pre-marital sex, homosexuality or any sexuality…ALL sex, sexual acts, or sexual engagement of any kind done by those who follow and believe in God that is outside of God’s will is…outside of God’s will.

6. The time and energy you put into hating on and posting about your hatred of someone can have relationship killing consequences.

5. Before criticizing, ridiculing, or bad mouthing your parents…consider paying them back first.

4. It’s not Sunday or Monday or Saturday or any day.  God says keep the 7th day set apart for Him…and I don’t think that means pick the same day you do all your chores so you can have a day set aside for you.

3. God doesn’t misuse your name so please don’t misuse His…it really is that simple.

2. It’s not just America that has idols…we just pay ours more and put them on higher standing pedestals.

1. Just like you know your wife, spouse, significant other loves you, that’s the same way I know God exists and loves me…and yes, I spoke with Him this morning…and He confirmed it.

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