The Peanut Butter and Jelly Perspective

I know many of you may end up filing this post under the topic “Things Pastor Shouldn’t Talk About” but I already have a list of those in the archives so…

My wife and I have very different takes on the intricacies of making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  For example, she thinks one should clean off the knife or use a different knife after dipping the knife in either the peanut butter or the jelly.  I think it should be done the right way, use the same knife since it’s all going on the same sandwich.  To many of you there may not be a big difference but we each have our reasoning.

For her, she hates looking in one jar and seeing remnants of the other; to which I argue they are both going to end up on the same sandwich and ultimately in the same stomach and ultimately…you get my drift.  For me, I think it is a waste to utilize another utensil or take time to wash and clean the same utensil.   We have already agreed to disagree, and I have agreed to wipe the remnants of the peanut butter or jelly on a clean piece of bread before dipping into the other jar.

This disagreement made me think of the current health care debate.  In my mind, I don’t think there is any particular party that does not want healthcare.  I think both Republicans and Democrats would love to be the one to finally provide a way for every single American to have health care coverage.  I think the debate is over how we get there and at what cost.  Both parties disagree on what needs to be sacrificed in order to provide this privilege.  It’s the same question all of us have to answer as we proceed to the polls in the months ahead: how do we get there and what are we willing to pay to arrive#Dontjustvoteonitthinkaboutit


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