What If…The Avengers Got Saved

With a nod to the Marvel “What If” classic comic book, to the recent Avengers movie (a must see), Nick fury, and of course to God…I was thinking the other day, what if the Avengers got saved!

Captain America – I was right, there is only one God and He doesn’t dress like that!

Hulk – One true God not so puny!

Thor – Okay, so now we are all adopted.

Iron Man – Consider the world now saved and avenged!

Black Widow – Now the red is totally off my ledger.

Hawk Eye – No missing the mark now.

3 Responses to “What If…The Avengers Got Saved”

  1. Batman would be awesome if he were Saved. He has a massive God complex to being with, and he’s obsessed with law and order.

  2. […] got this idea from BigPhatpastor. What would happen if superheroes were saved by the love of Jesus Christ? I’m not religious at […]

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