Michael’s Marauders

So I was one of the millions who contributed to the box office record for the movie The Avengers.  After seeing it with some friends we each returned with our spouses or girlfriends to see it a second time the following week.  My wife stated she still didn’t understand why my son and I were both drawn to near tears whilst watching the movie.  She was expecting some tear jerking romantic part (no, she is not familiar with the Avengers although I put her through Avengers Orientation prior to her seeing the movie).  One of my friends summed it up to her this way: “Your husband has been reading comic books about the Avengers longer than you have been alive (#trueism); all the while wondering what it would be like if that group were brought to life on the big screen.  To see it actually done so well can literally bring a man to tears.”  What can I say, I am a sucker for a group of do-gooders that commits their life to helping others despite their own past and issues.

This weekend I have the pleasure of hosting a real group of do-gooders committed to helping others despite their own past and issues.  Michael’s Marauders is a motorcycle ministry unlike any I have ever heard of before.  Yes, they are bikers, but they reach out to, and include in their membership, many non-bikers.  On their website they say of themselves “Michael’s Marauders: a bunch of vagabond misfit outlaws, who having given JESUS CHRIST the LORD of Hosts cart blanche up to and including their lives… are all about Being in HIS SERVICE “Plundering the gates of hell to free the captives”… in a “roving” kind of fashion.

They are diverse in their backgrounds and in how they came to know Christ as individuals.  Their members have included military vets, law enforcement personnel, former drug addicts, recovered alcoholics, former adult industry workers (pornography/prostitution) and addicts and people that have had insurmountable struggles in life through other addictions and abuse.  They all share a common bond in that they have all “been there and done that” and they are all servants of Jesus Christ.

I met Scott Oberlander, President and Pastor, at the church we both  attended in the Northern Virginia area:  CrossCurrent Ministries.  Since moving to Pittsburgh this will be the 2nd time we’ve had the pleasure of having the Marauders come share their stories and their lives with us.  If you have the opportunity I strongly suggest you come hear their stories and join them in not just doing life, but overcoming the struggles in it.

If you can’t make it in person, catch the streaming live audio at http://facebook.com/crossroadsofjeffersonhills or download the audio message or video clips from their message at http://crossroadsofjeffersonhills.com/#/our-message

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