Monday was one of those crazy days that can only be communicated via picture or video.  My wife called me outside to show me a huge bee hive so I would avoid it while cutting the grass.  We both were kind of amazed by the size of the hive.  There were a few bees buzzing around it while she took pictures.  By the time we both got back inside something had agitated the bees so much they were flying around like crazy.  The picture below really doesn’t do justice to what we saw.  While videoing we noticed another hive a few branches up in the same tree (the video is on the BigPhatpastorism youtube channel).  We guestimated that a bird or some animal had landed in the tree and agitated the hive.  We called a local beekeeper who informed us what we were looking at was not a hive, but just a swarm of bees.  He stated they were all clumped together because they did not have a hive or a home to go to so they were all hanging out together in the tree.

It made me wonder how large the Church (big “C”, body of Christ) could really be if all of the denominational separations were removed.  What would it look like if all of the Christ followers in one city, or community, or school district got together as the single body of Christ to address one issue in that community or to just celebrate and rejoice together on one Sunday morning as worshippers of  the living God?  The bee keeper told me that there were upwards of 30,000 bees in each swarm.  Can you imagine the impact if the world were to look in each community or city and see all of the Christ followers swarming together on a given issue in that locality?  Would it look like this?


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