Crazy Christian Couponers

What you are about to read is a true story; no names were changed and I am as guilty as all get out.  My wife Christi is a budding extreme couponer.  While she has not saved thousands on any one shopping trip she averages about 85% or more savings on just about every outing.  I recently joined her on one such outing.  She just wanted to grab a couple of items that would have netted her a 96% savings: A name brand box of cereal, a name brand frozen pizza, a name brand box of granola bars and two bottles of iced tea…all for 62 cents.

Of course me being a non-couponer, I wanted to purchase a new flavor of a cereal brand that I enjoy regularly…for a cost of $2.50.  She wasn’t thrilled about it as I added it to our cart.  Throughout the rest of the shopping excursion she reminded me of the increased cost for that one box of cereal.  Once she had all of the items we came for she shopped for a few additional items that were on sale and for which she had coupons; all the while advising me that we could put my one box of cereal back and come back and get it at another time, with a coupon, for a significantly decreased cost.

Finally I stopped and asked her if it was really so important since we obviously had the $2.50 to buy the cereal.  Her response overwhelmed me.  She said, “Yes, it’s important, and it literally hurts me and grieves me that you would pay such a high price now, for something I can provide so easily if you were just willing to wait on me.”

You really have to be new if you can’t see where I’m going with this.  It made me think of how grieved and hurt God must feel when we try to do things in our strength without Him.  It must literally crush His heart to see people He loves trying to earn His love and work their way into a relationship with Him when He offers His love, forgiveness, and grace  at no cost to us even though it was an extreme cost for Him.

Epilogue: I put the cereal back and told my wife I didn’t need it.  Our total order, which included several other boxes of cereal, was worth $47, for which we paid $12.  When we got home she located a coupon and went back out and got my cereal for less than half the original price.

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