More “Things Pastors Shouldn’t Say”

If you’ve read the predecessor to this post then you know this is just me sharing where my mouth has gotten me into trouble.  Again, it’s not anything inherently bad, but nor is it anything really good.  However, now I know that I am not the only pastor who makes verbal blunders, not that I have made all of the ones listed below…but I am sure someone has.

-I didn’t bring my Bible with me this morning…can I borrow someone’s?
-Wait, why are you passing the offering plate to me?
-I wouldn’t call what I get pay but yes I love my job.
-Let’s wrap this Bible study up so I can catch the rest of Jersey Shore.
-Yay! Snookie tweeted me back!
-Don’t worry about your sins…I know a Guy!
-Crap! This morning is Easter isn’t it?


One Response to “More “Things Pastors Shouldn’t Say””

  1. […] made a couple of lists of things pastors shouldn’t say.  I even have one in the works for things pastor’s wives shouldn’t say (follow my wife,  […]

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