A Funny Thing Happened…

A few weeks ago my wife shared this true story with me and some friends (in my head I picture her telling it as if she were on one of those reality TV shows where she’s sitting at an angle against a black back drop and real slow intense music plays as she speaks).

She was walking up the stairs after the Sunday Celebration and she felt a hand on her buttock (ok, she didn’t use that word and yes, it was only one buttock).  She said she stopped on the stairs and turned around.  There was a youth walking behind her and he stopped when she did.  She said she stared at him trying to figure why his hand was on her buttock.  He seemed old enough to know it shouldn’t be there but also old enough to have a reason to put it there.  She said she stood there trying to figure out how to address him and ask him to remove his hand and tell him that behavior was unacceptable.  As she was trying to figure out exactly what to say she looked down at his hand, which was still attached to her buttock…only to notice it was not his hand.  It was the hand of a little three year old boy who was either trying to push her up the stairs or just gain his balance…she never did figure out which.

Just as in that situation, we should always look closer before jumping to a conclusion, into a situation, or onto a bandwagon (whether it is political, religious, or otherwise).  Failure to do so…(in my best Walter Bishop voice): could disrupt the fabric of our very fragile universe (replace universe with the word community, family, or workplace and it makes sense).


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