There’s Not an App for That

Despite what our culture tells us, there is not an app for everything.  Some things require good old fashioned hands on hard work.  Whenever I talk with couples looking to get married I advise them to keep in mind four major areas that will require constant hands on focus and attention to detail: Family, Finances, Faith, and Forever (commitment).  By keeping these 4 areas in synch they can handle anything married life might throw at them.

The first two areas are the easiest because you can usually touch, talk to, or connect with family and can immediately feel and see the effects of  financial responsibility or irresponsibility.  However, when it comes to faith and forever, things are usually more difficult.  There are no apps or social media networks to keep us connected to our faith.  In those areas, we have to do the hard work and make the touch decisions on our own.

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