Overcoming The Great Divide

As it stands the political race for presidential candidates is heating up.  For Democrats the choice is rather easy.  For card carrying Republicans or staunch idealists (independents?) there is still a huge decision to make.  Many people will make their decision based on the economy, others on issues concerning military preparedness or perhaps more social minded issues (yes, social networking issues as well).  But here is the real question I don’t see any candidates trying to answer: How will you unite the congressional and senate leaders to make the country better?   Most people have become so focused on picking a side, they have neglected to focus on trying to unite the sides.


The same is true of the communities in which we live.  Community leaders have to face and struggle with the concept of uniting cultures that are already divided and being ripped further apart.  Social justice, issues regarding sexual relations, and interactions between groups of diverse beliefs, backgrounds, and upbringing are now front and center in what used to be quiet bedroom communities.  And for some reason everyone consistently looks at what separates and divides us rather than what unites us.  Yet, one previous governmental ruler, and arguably one of the most educated people in His day, says that God describes a group of people who communicate effectively with each other and has a common plan as unstoppable (Genesis 11: 5 – 6).  To that end, the only thing stopping us…is us.  Let’s get together people!


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