The Newest New Year Resolution

So even though we are only halfway through the 1st month of the New Year many people are already lamenting over the resolutions began and already kissed goodbye.  In our new high tech digital age where everything and everyone is only a click away, a new type of resolution is making the rounds: The Digital Diet.  It may be hard to believe but some are realizing the need to slow down the pace of their social connections (yes, myself included).  Not sure if you merit a digital time out?  If any of the below describes you, perhaps you need a moment or two on the digital scale to reflect –

1.  You list your Klout score at the top of your resume

2.  Your children think your Facebook timeline is their ancestry tree…because you told them that

3.  You think your # of Twitter followers equates to votes at the polls if you ran in an election

4.  You are one of a few who know that “pinterest” is not a misspelled word

5.  You keep trying to root your office desk phone

6.  Your bill collectors no longer call you, they invite you to join them in Google+ hangouts…and you always do

7.  You no longer read books, you just scan them looking for the tweetable parts

2 Responses to “The Newest New Year Resolution”

  1. Wow.. I don’t even know what half of this social stuff is or means. I just learned the other day about pinterest and I’m not interested…LOL. I am weeding out my social media sites. Work is more important that facebook, twitter, & google+ .. not a New Years Resolution – just my new way of life.

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