7 Christmas Blind Date Tips

This year, literally thousands of people will be heading out on blind dates on December 24th and 25th.  These are the people that will be visiting your local places of worship for the 1st time.  As with any 1st date they’ll be bringing their preconceived notions, bad experiences and history of heart break (although this time it will be with church and religion) with them when they walk in the doors.  You don’t have to be the pastor or a ministry leader to help make their first date with you and your worship community a good one.

1.  Take the time to say hello.  You have no idea how far just a simple hello from someone not wearing a greeter tag goes (and if possible, do it before the scheduled greeting time).

2.  Engage them in conversation.  If time allows, talk to them.  If they took the time to show up you can take the time to talk to them.

3.  Invite them to sit with you or ask if you can sit with them.  You’re not trying to make them uncomfortable, but you are trying to make them feel welcome.

4.  Watch for warning signs.  Don’t be too pushy; if they give any signs you are moving too fast be ok in backing off.

5.  Don’t shuush them!  If this is their 1st time they may have questions, be ok with giving answers.  It should be ok to quietly answer questions in your local worship community (if not then re-read, or read the books of Acts and Hebrews to fully understand what it means to be the Church).

6.  Introduce them to others.  Feel free to introduce them to others, but don’t make a big show of it…you’re not showing them off.

7.  Invite them into your life.  After all that, surely you can invite them out for coffee or find another opportunity to connect with them.  The next contact they receive should not be a letter, call, or email from the pastor or greeting team.  It should be from you, or someone you introduced them to inviting them to hang out, have coffee, or do life.

Bonus tip: Feel free to wish them a Merry Christmas.  I mean seriously, they came on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day…I don’t think they’ll be offended.



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