Unknown-Known Books of the Bible

It amazes me that usually whenever someone finds out what I do for a living they immediately bring up their favorite Bible verse or favorite book of the Bible.  What is more amazing is that sometimes they reference verses or books of the Bible that don’t even exist.  So, in typical Big-Phat fashion, I compiled a list of some unknown-known books of the Bible; you know, those books that people know are in the Bible but are not known as being in the Bible:

  1.  The Book of 2nd Opinions – This is the book that everyone references when giving their opinion, backed By God of course, to show how they are right.
  1. The Book of Faults – This is the book people are referring to when they quote the Bible to show you how it is all your fault.
  1. The Cook Book – This is the book in the Bible people reference when trying to prove the Bible is all about a vengeful mean God who wants nothing more than to destroy everyone and have them burn forever.
  1. The Handy Book – This is what the Bible is referred to as when used solely to set drinks on and to hold up knick knacks around the house.
  1. The Good Book – No one is 100% sure when people began referring to the Bible as the Good Book, but everyone is pretty sure that at one time in this country the stuff in the Bible was considered good by most.

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