More What If…

These are more of those What If type of questions that just pop into my head from time to time (and yes, I know they probably pop into yours as well).  As I read more and more (mostly comic books and not at all ashamed) and watch our culture become more and more engrossed in TV I am noticing and picking up on more of the catch phrases that are defining our culture.  You know, like years ago Arnold had a hit with “I’ll be bach” (spelled how it sounds).  He later tried to recreate it with “hasta la vista baby” which didn’t do so well.  Being a pastor I kind of wonder how would God respond to some of these catch phrases?

Gordon Ramsey: Shut it down!      

God: I will, soon.


Paris Hilton: That’s Hot!

God: You have no idea.


The Borg: Resistance is futile!

God: Ditto!


Regis Philbin: Is that your final answer?

God: Yep, I’ve given you a lifeline.


Reality TV Show Competitions: You are safe!

God: Guess again!


Tony Stark: I am Iron Man

God: Yea, but you’re no Batman!



2 Responses to “More What If…”

  1. I loved this one!! And isn’t it the truth. I’m sure He has a few catch-phrases of His own too, lol. God bless…

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