Digital Devotion

I’m one of those people who thinks that staying connected with others via social media is not a task but a joy.  I don’t consider it a hassle to jump from one social media platform to the other.  In fact, I look forward to reading and responding to the status updates and tweets of the people I’m connected to digitally (although I must admit I seriously look forward to reading Burgh based tweets; there is nothing like them).   Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy being with people live in 3-D, but I also enjoy the digital connections.

Sometimes it’s good to hear/read what people are saying; to hear how things they’ve tweeted or chatted about worked out in the long run.  It’s great to touch base with people about the job that finally came through or be able to share words of encouragement when tragedy hits.  It’s so awesome to see 30, 40, or 140 comments on the mathematical ratio of adults to days to diapers when someone’s son, daughter, or grandchild is potty trained.  Sometimes you get harsh responses to words that were not meant to hurt.  But sometimes those Bible based tweets and updates I or others post end up helping more than just the person who posted or tweeted it.

Sometimes I wonder if this whole social media thing is an analogy for the way God sees prayer.  While I was on vacation this summer I was in the mountains with very limited wifi and cell access.  I truly longed to connect with and hear from people.  Although I had a great time with my family I felt disconnected from the social media world.  I think prayer is like that.  I think when we don’t pray or are too busy to pray, God misses us.  Sometimes we say things to him or pray but we really don’t want a response.  We just want Him to know what’s going on in our lives.  Other times we call out to Him longing for a response that will comfort us or encourage us.  There are some who pray so regularly that others look at them like they are crazy (like they look at those of us who tweet or update quite frequently).  There are others who only talk to God every now and then, on rare occasions…just to make sure God has not forgotten they are there.

What is amazing to me is that no matter how often we do it, or how little we do it, whether we do it in anger, out of love, or out of sheer desperation for attention, when we do decide to do it…God still hears our prayer.

5 Responses to “Digital Devotion”

  1. I too have connected with some great people via the net. They have uplifted me when times were hard and I was blessed to return the favor when they needed it. Though social media can be addicting and, at times, lead people in the wrong direction, it also is a way of shining the light and love of God into many more lives that you would have ever touched without it! I agreed with Gordon Robertson when he said it was a whole new opportunity to spread the Good News around the world. Fabulous post! I really enjoyed reading it. God bless, Teresa

  2. I would enjoy that. I am on Twitter at Christianpoet72, though I don’t spend a whole lot of time there. What media do you use? I will try to keep up with you on Twitter but I do us Facebook to keep track of my children. Most of my time is spent on WordPress. If I get my smart phone soon, I will be able to keep up a little better. Peace and blessings 🙂

  3. Okay, now we are linked there! I will look for you on fb. I am at Teresa O’Brien Brewer.

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