Things Pastors Shouldn’t Say

This was one of those weeks where everything seemed to be working in synch…except my mouth.  I didn’t say anything too bad, just some things that had I time to think about it and word-smith, would have come out a lot better.  In any case, that got me thinking about other slips of the tongue I have let go, whether from the pulpit or in one on one or casual conversation (yes, I have done this before).  It also got me wondering if any other pastors have had the occasional verbal blunder and if there is a list somewhere of things that pastors should not say.

Pastors are human and we make mistakes just like anyone else.  Although not intentional, given enough time we will say something that we wish we could pull back with a tractor.   I don’t know if one exists but if there is a list of things pastors should not say I am sure it includes things like…

  1.  I don’t recall what verse it is but I’m sure it’s in the Bible somewhere.
  2. Since we’re running late we’re going to skip the offering and get straight to the message.
  3. They don’t pay me enough.
  4. Wow, you look really really good Mrs…
  5. God forgave me for my sins, even the recent ones.
  6. You and I tend to work with people we don’t even like.
  7. I don’t feel like going to church, can’t I just sleep in?

Of course this differs from all the things pastors do say but people don’t actually want to hear like: Don’t do drugs, don’t have sex before marriage, eat all your vegetables.

3 Responses to “Things Pastors Shouldn’t Say”

  1. 8. I was really busy this week, so here’s a re-run!

    Good blog post!

  2. […] you’ve read the predecessor to this post then you know this is just me sharing where my mouth has gotten me into trouble.  […]

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