The book of Daniel in the Bible is one of the most amazing pieces of historical literature I have ever read.  It records local, global, and spiritual events throughout Daniel’s life.

Daniel, as a boy, was exposed to the most horrific things we can imagine: his family and friends brutally murdered and tortured; his country overthrown and their spiritual beliefs ridiculed and trampled upon; and he, his friends, and others were taken into captivity to serve in the office of the man responsible for all the tragedy he was going through.

Being exposed to something like that would give anyone the right to be bitter, hateful, angry, or ticked off.  In fact, although Daniel didn’t know it, he and his situation could be the poster child for the phrase we see thrown around today: “FML”.  Although I don’t endorse using the phrase, is there anyone else who is more worthy to use that phrase than people who go through what Daniel and his friends went through?

But instead, we see Daniel loving his life, clinging to the passionate spirituality that defined His life, and we see God showing up throughout Daniel’s life.  What’s awesome is that God doesn’t just show up when Daniel’s in trouble: as a senior citizen being literally thrown to the lion’s; or when God needs Daniel to reveal God’s word to those who don’t know God such as several generations of Kings. God also shows up just to speak to Daniel.  He shows up to comfort Daniel and to share His heart with Daniel. That’s all  God truly wanted from Daniel.

If we look at the world today people everywhere are going through trying times.  Our lives are hectic enough just doing life without trying to please a God we get frustrated with as we try to live out His set of pre-determined rules.  But I don’t believe that’s what God wants from us.  I believe God wants to show up in our lives and share His story with us as He becomes a part of ours.  That’s the God who showed up in Daniel’s life and that’s the God who truly wants to be a part of ours.  That’s the God I want in the Lion’s Den of life with me when I am fighting my lions.


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