The Worst Week Ever…Seriously!

I have to admit that both my wife and I had pretty lousy weeks last week. Her week started off with finding out that she didn’t get in to the academic program that she wanted. The program only accepted 10 applicants and there were other applicants with higher grade point averages then hers. Then she broke her favorite Starbucks cup; I mean the double insulated ones that are more precious than Gold. Later she found out that she may have submitted inaccurate information on her application to the academic program which might have caused her to not get into the program. To top it off she found out the Starbucks cups don’t go on sale again until summer, unless you’re able to sell a few barrels of oil and come up with the funds to buy one on eBay.

My week wasn’t much better; I left a congregational budget meeting feeling like Christ had long ago left the building. The budget was approved, but I felt like some people forgot that we were Christians and that it really was God’s money, not ours. The week got better as we worked with our youth group on an Easter Tuesday Celebration. They worked hard on the music and a video presentation. Since many of them do not come to our Celebrations on Sunday, the Tuesday night presentation would be the only Easter Celebration for many of them. Later that week things went back downhill when our treasurer resigned her position. Although she was leaning that way anyway due to increased responsibilities in her regular position and her desire to spend more time focusing on building the ministry team she led, I felt like the uncomfortable conversations at the congregational meeting gave her the final nudge.

But, at the end of the week I came to realize that my worst week would not end up with me being taken captive by a platoon of soldiers…and if it did, it would not end up with me also being beat to a pulp by them…and if it did, it would not end up with me being illegally tried…and if it did, it would not end up with me being hung upon a cross to die. But even if all of that did somehow happen, it wouldn’t end with me having to take upon myself all of the wrongdoings, mistakes, and transgressions against God of the entire world like Jesus did…that would definitely be the worst week ever.


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