My Pink Blazer Story

Did you ever have one of those moments that brings you down to earth and really makes you think “Wow, I’ve done some really stupid stuff?”  I’m not saying anyone is stupid, just that I’ve had one of those moments that truly made me think of some of the “less smart things” I have done.

In a conversation last week the topic came up of silly mistakes we all make.  Immediately I thought about a time in the military when I purchased a pink blazer…and yet that is not the stupid thing I did.  I purchased it at a store in a mall that catered to military personnel, so of course everyone in the store told me I looked good in it, which was probably true…seriously.  So I purchased the pink blazer and matching accessories.  It gets better.

Not only did I purchase a pink blaze and matching accessories, but somehow they talked me into getting store credit.  So I ended up purchasing a pink blazer, matching accessories, and about $200 worth of other items that really I can’t even recall…all on store credit; still not at the stupid part though.

The stupid part is I never made a payment and actually defaulted on a store credit card and $200 in clothing…including a pink blazer.  I had, and still have, an aversion to getting mail.  And even though my mail in the military was handed to me, and even though I had more than enough money to make the payments I didn’t read any of my mail and didn’t make any of the payments.  The result…several years of bad credit ratings due to a pink blazer.

The person I was talking to remembered the credit problems and unfortunately remembered the pink blazer.  There is no great spiritual insight to deliver here; just don’t do stupid things for a pink blazer.  Feel free to share your pink blazer stories.


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