Real People Real Life Real God

One of the greatest criticisms I have heard about the Bible is that it is about stuff that is just so un-life like. I’ve heard people complain that it’s full of stories about un-real, un-relevant people in prim and proper situations that are so far removed from what people deal with today in everyday life. The problem is…if you study it out, this is the farthest thing from the truth.

The Bible is actually full of accounts, not stories, of Real People. It records the writings and accounts of people from almost every walk of life including doctors, researchers, government leaders, and even government rebels; rich people, poor people, industrial workers, liars and scholars; each of which can be found in our culture today.

The Bible also records the Real Life situations these people faced on a daily basis including hunger, starvation, famine, and times of prosperity. It also records people going through natural and man made disasters, bigotry, slavery, battles and wars, passionate love stories and deep and brutal betrayal between families and friends. It shows the hurts that come from greed and trying to fill every kind of need and the success and failures of just living life day to day.

It shows all this while recording the desperate attempts of a very Real God to reach out to those who reject Him, accept Him, hate Him, love Him, believe in Him but rebel against Him, and even those that deny His existence but pray that He were real. It records the words of those who argue with God, debate with Him, long for Him and run from Him. These accounts aren’t so far removed from our lives today. The people in the Bible may not tweet, or update Facebook, they may not have our tools or resources but they are just like us…real people living real lives in the presence of a real God.

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