How To Tell If You Are Having A Digitally Enhanced Christmas

The world of social media is impacting everyone. The way we act, interact, even the way we ignore each other (“Why isn’t he answering my Skype? I know he’s home, he checked in there on Foursquare”) has changed to coincide with a digitally minded culture.

Although the meaning of Christmas has not changed the way we rejoice in and celebrate Christmas has been impacted by social media and the digital age. Don’t think so? Well here are 5 sure fire ways to determine if you are having a Digitally Enhanced Christmas:

5. As Christmas gifts you are giving everyone multi-outlet extension cords to charge all their digital devices.

4. You’ve had the same Netflix DVD since Thanksgiving because you’ve been watching the Christmas episodes of all of your favorite TV shows via On-Demand.

3. You’re planning on attending the company Christmas party via Skype.

2. You’re planning on broadcasting the cooking of the Christmas meal live on Ustream.

1. You create a Facebook event for the opening of your Christmas presents.

2 Responses to “How To Tell If You Are Having A Digitally Enhanced Christmas”

  1. Sinead Roy Says:

    Oooohh, I like it, I like it. Ustream Christmas dinner prep.!!!

  2. and don’t forget CHristmas cards and snowball fights via your c phone…

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