12 Dont’s of Christmas

12 Days Don’t’s of Christmas

I am well aware that everyone and their brother, and their cousin, and their dog Ruffles will be doing a blog that talks about the 12 days of Christmas somehow. So, I decided to do one as well. But rather than focus on the days of Christmas I wanted to focus on the dont’s of Christmas (which is not a real word…although I am wondering why). These are actually pulled from the Christmas narratives we find in the book of Matthew chapter 1 and 2 and the book of Luke chapter 1 and 2. Here’s my list of 12 things to “don’t” do this Christmas (I know I broke at least 7 grammar rules in those few sentences…but bear with me).

Don’t forget that Christmas is about the birth of Christ. It’s not about a religion or a political agenda or even celebration of a previously demonic practice. It is all about the birth of Christ; God becoming flesh and being born as a baby; Definitely worth celebrating.

#11. Don’t forget that Christmas is a celebration of a spiritual event. It does not celebrate any man made thing or any human achievement. It recognizes a supernatural spiritual event that impacted all of humanity.

#10. Don’t let families stay separated during the holidays. No one had more reason to be separated from someone they loved than Joseph. Assuming he had been cheated on he was prepared to leave his fiancée Mary. But what we see in the narrative is God’s desire and power to reconcile families. Consider reconciling with someone in your family over this Christmas season.

#9. Don’t trade relationship with God for gifts. People who are seeking to know God have an awesome opportunity to really dig into the story of Jesus starting with His miraculous birth. However, it is really easy to get distracted by the giving and receiving of gifts. Don’t lose sight of the reason for the season.

Don’t forget that God still does miracles. This is one of two miracles which have never been and will never be repeated in the history of man. The birth of Jesus Christ, the creator of the universe became a man born of a woman to live and walk among us. This miracle itself is a sign of God’s desire to be amongst His people. If God desires to be amongst us, and He is via His Holy Spirit, wouldn’t it make sense that He would still do miracles?

#7. Don’t limit your worship of God to just Christmas. The relationship we have with Jesus does not have to end once the Christmas lights are taken down or once all the over sized gifts are returned. God’s kingdom is eternal and Jesus was born so that we could be with Him for eternity.

#6. Don’t limit the power of God’s Holy Spirit to work through you. I’m still in awe when I read the story of Elizabeth’s unborn baby jumping in the womb as it is filled with God’s Holy Spirit. It reminds me of how much God wants His Spirit to work through us. This is the time of year when there are more opportunities than ever to be used by God, to do His will, and to show and share the love of Jesus Christ.

#5. Don’t close your doors to people in need this Christmas season. Just because there was no guest room for Mary and Joseph doesn’t mean we can’t provide one for people in need. Definitely be safe and pay attention to who you are inviting into your home. But many of us know someone who will be alone for Christmas. Perhaps we can invite them over for dinner, or for breakfast, or to do lunch, or to just have coffee. The invite will likely be way more important than the food.

#4. Don’t forget to actually celebrate during this Christmas season. Many of us are way too overworked. We’re tired, we’re worn out, we need a break or a vacation or we just need to have some fun. That being the case, go to a Christmas celebration and actually celebrate the birth of Christ. We get so busy preparing for the celebration(s) that many of us don’t actually celebrate. The book of Luke records that a plethora of the host of heaven celebrated with shepherds at the birth of Christ. Surely we can take a moment to eat a few Christmas cookies and celebrate too.

Don’t stop telling others about Jesus. The first thing the shepherds did after they celebrated the birth of Christ was to go and spend time in the presence of Jesus Christ (let that sink in for a minute). Once they were in His presence they went out and told everyone they knew about Jesus. Don’t stop telling other about Jesus. Don’t criticize those who don’t believe and don’t force your opinions or views on others, but don’t stop telling others about Jesus.

#2. Don’t give cheap gifts. Seriously, it is ok to give inexpensive gifts that have meaning and purpose but don’t give cheap meaningless gifts just to say you gave something. The gifts given to Jesus all had purpose and meaning: The Gold was a gift for a king and was given to acknowledge the sovereignty of Jesus to rule; The Incense was a gift for a priest and was given to acknowledge the spiritual connection of Jesus to God; The Myrrh was a gift for burials and was given to acknowledge the sacrifice of Jesus as Savior. Inexpensive is ok, cheap and meaningless not so much.

#1. Don’t leave Jesus in the manger. Jesus didn’t stay a baby, which is how many still think of Him today. He grew to be a man and died on a cross, was resurrected by the Holy Spirit of God, and now sits at the right hand of God in heaven.

Have a very merry and blessed Christmas and an awesome rocking New Year!!!

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