From Life to Life

Yesterday morning I was contemplating writing about all kinds of topics: zombies, leadership, voting, church vs state, Halloween and yes, even Brett Favre; but then a member of our congregation passed away.  She wasn’t just a member of our congregation, she was a sister in Christ and a friend…so that’s what I’m writing about.

Earlier this week my father in-law updated his Facebook to reflect that he was able to lead a couple into a relationship with Jesus during pre-marital counseling.  Although I didn’t lead my friend to Christ I did get to watch as her life exploded with the love of Christ.  When she was baptized she did so even though she was afraid of being under water, but she did it because of her love of Christ. When she was diagnosed with brain cancer she faced it bravely and was embraced by her church family and covered with the love of Christ. Yesterday morning she stepped from this life into eternity and is walking hand in hand with our Heavenly Father and rejoicing in the presence of, and love of Christ.

That is why I enjoy what I do; not just to see a life transformed, but to be a part of a transformed life. My wife and I were talking about how much we would miss our friend but we were also talking about how crazy happy she must be now.   On Friday we’ll mourn her passing but also celebrate her life and I pray that all of her family and friends that don’t know the extreme joy she has right now might come to experience an abundant life with Jesus Christ through the life she lived.

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