And the Tweetie Goes To…

I’ve been spending a lot of time as a part of an assessment process for church planters for Converge Worldwide.  Although it has been amazing to see the passion and commitment in the church planters and to benefit from the experience of the assessors…I have been having social media withdrawals.  So…I came up with what I call the Tweetie Awards.  I don’t know if someone has done this already (and really don’t care if they have, lol)  but here are my awards, in no particular order, for the those Tweeters that are just something short of special (of course each award starts with “in my humble opinion):

In My Humble Opinion the Tweetie Award for “Most Faithful #FF” goes to – @hleemartin for consistently adding me to the #FF list.

…the Tweetie Award for “Most Generous Tweeter” goes to – @SecretAgentL for literally being most generous and infecting others with her own special brand of generosity (one of our local congregations core values is extreme generosity so this one hit home)

…the Tweetie Award for most patriotic vocalist or most vocal patriot (as you can see these categories are of my own making) goes to @TheTwisters

…the Tweetie Award for most committed goes to everyone involved with #twivotions (you should really check it out!)

…the Tweetie Award for most random goes to  – @burghbaby for just, well… most random tweets.  Seriously, just follow her tweets for a day…hilarious, serious, and yea…random, lol…of course, in my humble opinion.

…the Tweetie Award for most real goes to – @jclayville for being upfront, authentic, and just plain real.

Share your thoughts on some of your favorite tweeters.


2 Responses to “And the Tweetie Goes To…”

  1. IT’S MY FIRST TWITTER AWARD! WOOOO! Thank you so much!

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