God’s “Like” Button

I’m sure many of you have read the emails that used to float around saying that if God had a refrigerator your picture would be on it or if He had a wallet your picture would be in it.  While that does capture an aspect of God’s love for us, it doesn’t speak much about how God views our culture.  So…I was kind of wondering what it would look like if God had a “Like” button (of course all of the below are “in my humble opinion”).  I can already smell the controversial responses but…

Like – I honestly believe that God would “Like” the way social media has been used to connect people, help publicize the needs of people around the world, and allow global impact on responding to natural disasters and even just encouraging and uplifting one another.  There’s still nothing wrong with a good old fashioned face to face talk or cup of coffee, but definitely using social media to help others would be a huge like (I believe).

Like – I’m not saying that everyone or everything in Hollywood pleases God.  But I think the level of authenticity that is starting to appear in some movies, some actors and actresses, and even in some TV shows would please God.  Definitely still a long way to go but, yea, there’s a start.

Dislike – Not that it matters in the spiritual realm but a part of me wonders if God would dislike the lack of manliness in vampires and superheroes today.  Of course that one is up for debate…go!

Like – Granted our culture, our nation, and our planet have fallen on hard times.  But this has not stopped the desire of individuals, organizations, congregations, and even whole populations of townships, cities, and nations to reach out and help those in less fortunate situations.  One of the most powerful statements made by Jesus Christ is recorded in Mark 14:7 when He tells His followers that they can help the poor anytime they chose.

Dislike – Although there is a huge desire to help others around the globe, we as a culture seem to have a hard time treating those in our local circle of influence with genuine human good nature and respect.  Unfortunately, what many people experience in their work place, schools, communities, in their homes, and even in congregational places of worship are gossip, hatred, racial disharmony, natural distrust, and just a general lack of natural respect for each other.  From God’s viewpoint, we could reach out with more than our finances.  We could reach out with some old fashioned love of thy neighbor (Mark 12:33).

Like – I think God would be genuinely pleased with our cultures overall acceptance of the differences that we all share.  I’m not referring to differences that are not pleasing to God, but our acceptance of different races, cultures, creeds, religious, and political views.  God views every one of us as worthy of being in relationship with Him despite our differences, backgrounds, or experiences.  (2 Peter 3:9, John 3:16)

Dislike – Yet we still do not tolerate the God who created all the peoples of differing races, cultures, creeds, religious, and political views.  Not only do we not tolerate Him, but those who claim to follow Him tolerate and accept things opposed to Him rather than Him.  Unfortunately, even the churches that bear His name and are supposed to follow His teachings are teaching things that are in direct opposition to Him merely because they refuse to believe Him although they claim to believe IN Him.  Yea, I think this one needs a lot of work and would definitely be high on the dislike scale.

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