The C.R.E.W.

I am often amazed at what a community can do when they see or acknowledge a need. Just recently, CNN posted an article about a local Twitterer from Pittsburgh who secretly was involved in doing random good deeds for people.  Several other members of the twitterverse are involved in using social media to help identify and pinpoint needs in their communities, gather human and financial resources, and focus on meeting the needs.

Several months ago another Burgh local started a community outreach program geared towards the community coming together to help meet the needs of others.  The C.R.E.W.  (which stands for The Community Ready Equipped and Willing) is a local volunteer based group that hopes to  inspire everyone in the community to help others.  The volunteers go into the homes of the elderly, disabled, or those with limited resources and helps with cleaning, painting, yard work, and/or light repairs and chores that will help make the homeowners life a little easier.  The C.R.E.W. does not do any work that would require a licensed professional.

Although The C.R.E.W.  is a ministry of CrossRoads Community Church any and all members of the community are encouraged to volunteer, regardless of religious or political affiliation, race, creed, color, or economic situation.  This organization is all about the entire community coming together to help the entire community.

Currently, The C.R.E.W. schedules their outings once per month and will cease operations for this season in October.  However, they are hoping to have enough financial and human resources to increase the number of monthly outings when they start back up again in April of 2011.  for more details email Judi at

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