Who is the Offender?

I know this is a rough topic but here it goes…as a follower of Jesus Christ I have had many conversations with people of differing religious beliefs. I’m sure many of you have had the same conversations.  What amazes me is how some people of differing beliefs are scared to discuss their beliefs with North American Christians (obviously this does not apply to everyone; I’m making a generalization).  There is this realm of thinking that says anyone who is not a Christian that engages in a conversation about God, His existence, or spiritual matters with a North American Christian will likely have their beliefs trashed by the North American Christian.

Surely there must be some mistake.  I know that Paul told the church in Galatia in the Bible that the cross was an offense but he didn’t mean we as followers of Jesus Christ were to be offensive in how we present the Gospel to others.  Can you imagine spending your entire life being taught or raised to believe in a certain way to interact with or know God and then along comes someone who trashes or bad mouths your entire beliefs?  I’m sure there are some people who no matter what you discuss with them would engage in aggressive conversation: Coke vs Pepsi, Giants vs Jets, Football vs Baseball, Marvel vs DC, Star Trek vs Star Wars, tastes great vs less filling.  That’s just people being people.  But Jesus Christ paints another picture when presenting the message of the life we can have with the One True Living God through His Son Jesus Christ.

When Jesus Christ engaged others in conversation about their beliefs He was not demeaning or condescending; He did not belittle their way of life or thinking; He merely presented them with His message in a way that challenged them to seek truth.  In fact, the only ones who Jesus did speak to aggressively were the Jewish leaders who claimed to follow God but didn’t and those followers who claimed to live their lives for God but were living a lie.  Kind of makes you wonder who is the real offender, the cross, or the few Christians who try to beat others with it.


2 Responses to “Who is the Offender?”

  1. Ralph Egyud Says:

    Amen, Floyd! the bible says that Jesus is the rock of offense – not us. Our directive is to be humble, loving servants who display the love of God above all else. The gospel will naturally offend – disturb, prick, challenge. When we insert our own agenda of being offensive, we rob the gospel of its power in at least two ways: we think that God is not capable of challenging the unbeliever without our intervention; and we put a stummbling block between them and Jesus – the block of our offensive behavior. Our job is not to BE the offense. Our job is to love and to share the gospel of His love, and stand aside and let HIM do the work in each individual heart. Thanks for having the insight and courage to say it out loud!

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