Oh Praise Hymn

This past Saturday, our worship team joined several others in presenting the first ever “Praise in the Park” in Jefferson Hill, PA.  It was great to see several churches come together for such an awesome venture.  The event was hosted by Jefferson Hills Bible Church with participation from Pleasant Hills Community Presbyterian Church and our worship team from CrossRoads Community Church.  In addition to the worship the event offered hotdogs, chips, baked goods, more bottled cold water than you can imagine and of course water ice; and all for free.

I have always believed that a church should be a strong part of the community and seek to provide events that inspire the community and glorify God.  In fact, one of the first team leaders we raised up at CrossRoads is our Community Impact Team Leader.  Her goal is to help create and promote events that:

a) Meet the needs of the people in the community

b) Provide an opportunity for people in the community to fellowship and come together

c) Allow us to share the gospel

I’d love to hear what events your church is involved in within your community.  Even better, what are some of the events that you or your church members would like to see offered in your community?

Can't Wait to Hear From You

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