Like Father Like…

I am amazed at how many qualities of her mother and father my wife Christi reflects.  I’m not complaining about it, but whenever we spend more time with her parents I usually end up noticing another quality.  For example, I love commercials.  Some are interesting, others entertaining, and I can learn what’s popular and what’s not.  Christi hates commercials and always always mutes them whenever they come on.  I never knew why until I noticed her father do it.  Christi always likes to point out interesting things she sees or notices when walking or driving with someone.  I on the other hand will point out main touristy type stuff; Christi points out everything.  She says it’s because if it interests or brings her joy why not share it.  I noticed her father does the same thing.  The list goes on and on of qualities in Christi that I see in her father.  Her  mannerisms, her attitude towards certain topics, they all reflect some portion(s) of her father’s mannerisms and attitude toward the same topics.  Don’t get me wrong, Christi is definitely her own woman, but she is also, and always will be her Father’s little girl.

The same is true of our heavenly Father.  He has qualities that are reflected in those who choose to be a part of His family through His Son, Jesus Christ.  Many people may criticize or judge followers of Jesus Christ because of some of those qualities; but those qualities are a reflection of God’s Holy Spirit in us.  And it pleases Him when our attitudes, our actions, our choices, and our responses reflect His goodness, His kindness, His forgiveness, and His grace.  We may not always get it right…but when we do, oh how it pleases our Father and oh how it enables others to see the One True and Living God.


One Response to “Like Father Like…”

  1. Chris Jerin Says:

    This is great! Just told our church that we learn how to act as adults by watching our parents, the good stuff and not so good stuff, and then went on to say the same thing about our Heavenly Father, how when people see us they should see His likeness and influence in us. Good story.


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