I am who I AM says I Am

I saw the title I am using tweeted recently and thought how cool and how true.  As I spend a few days on vacation I am really beginning to see it is more true than I realized.  I decided I would blog at least once or twice while on vacay so bear with me as I try to cram a lot into each update.

Most of my vacation time I spend still coordinating things for our Sunday Celebration’s so they really do not end up as vacations.  That led to a decision early on.  Christi’s father, who is also a pastor, set down a rule we all agreed to: no talking about church, or church problems, or church challenges.  But then the phone rang.  Several people from his congregation were in the hospital and he talked with them, prayed with them, and went to visit them.  It was determined that if needed, we would cut our vacation short to allow Christi’s father to return and minister to those in need, if needed.  Meanwhile, I was working on the elements for our congregations Sunday Celebration.

Over the next 48 hours we were joined by Christi’s aunt and uncle.  Her uncle is also a pastor (God knew what He was doing when He brought me into this family).  We updated him on the agreed upon rule as well.  However, we each found ourselves sharing the joys, the challenges, the ups, and the downs of doing what God has called us to do and we spent time on the beach praying for each other, our families, and our congregations.

I quickly realized why we couldn’t get away from ministering to our congregations and responding to their needs, or in my case, still trying to work on elements for the Sunday Celebration while 500 miles away.  The realization was “I’m not someone who God called to be a pastor.  I am a pastor who God called to step and be what He created me to be.”  Now for those of you who have not been blessed with a revelation like this it is nothing short of mind boggling.  I can’t turn off pastoring, or push a pause button, or take a break from pastoring, or stop pastoring.  That would be like taking a break from breathing.  God knows who we are because He created us to be who we are and He intricately wired us based on who He has created us to be.  I literally am who I AM says I Am.  To those who say “Wow, you just figured that out?”  I say…it was more mind blowing in my head.

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