Authentic Community

If you are over the age of one you have probably been exposed to some of the internet email that encourages you to ‘Remember When’.  Those emails take you back to the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s or even the early 2000’s and ask you to recall trendy things you did or ways you engaged in social activity before the current trends of today.

Prior to the internet, social media meant something totally different than it does today.  It meant gathering physically, not cyber-ly, with family or friends and physically engaging in an activity of some sort.  It also meant being there physically for one another.  When a situation arose, so did the community. Family members, friends, even the occasional annoying neighbor would all gather together to support and encourage one another.  For some reason, that type of attitude is gone today.  It has not even been replaced with a digital one, but has been deleted (pun intended) from our culture all together.

So I ask you to remember when: is the last time you chatted with a neighbor at the mailbox for more than one minute; is the last time you said hello to someone in passing and stayed to hear their answer; is the last time you hung out with your children/family while not waiting for your Facebook and Twitter friends to come online; is the last time you stopped by a neighbors to compliment them instead of complain; is the last time you felt like you were a part of an authentic community where you felt accepted and appreciated? Remember when authentic community was genuine authentic community?

Can't Wait to Hear From You

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