The Best is Yet to Come

This Easter many people are going to attend a church celebration out of commitment.  Some will attend out of guilt, some out of their powerfully intimate relationship with God, and others out of sheer curiosity about whether they can actually find the presence of God in today’s representation of The Church.

Unfortunately, local congregations have done a disservice of turning Easter and the remembrance of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ into a seasonal event.  Most within the Christian culture think Easter marks the end of a season of searching within and reaching out to others.  But Jesus taught that His resurrection would not signify the end of a season, but the beginning of a totally new era in all creation.  This would mark the beginning of an unprecedented time in world history where anyone and everyone who desired could know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God exists, could be free from sin and condemnation, and could live, walk, and talk with the creator of the universe.  That revelation should not mark a season, but a lifetime of living our lives for, and in the presence of, a just and holy God.

This may be the first time you interact with the visitors that come to your Easter Celebration, but it should not be the last.  I encourage everyone to not just invite people to church…invite them into your life.  God didn’t invite us into a season but into life of knowing and loving Him and the best is yet to come.


2 Responses to “The Best is Yet to Come”

  1. Soooo true on “The Best is Yet to Come”. I am on staff full time at a church. People ask me all the time “What should I sing about?” The resurrection! Anytime….all year long. Jesus is ALIVE!
    Love the tweets on being neighborly in the snow. We don’t get that white stuff here, but pass up so many opportunities to show God’s love. Blessings on you and your church! He is risen indeed!

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